​​​​​Path to Peace Massage

Path to Peace Massage in Tucson is located within the Tao Center along with other professional practitioners. Parking is easily accessible.

Your relaxation experience begins in the peaceful and welcoming waiting area that includes comfortable chairs, beautiful decorations and calming music.

​In my private and serene treatment room, natural products, aromatherapy and quality linens help to deepen your sense of relaxation before your massage treatment has even begun.

About the Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist

​​​Path to Peace Massage is locally owned and operated. I handle every step of my client's experience from the initial appointment through the massage treatment. Running all aspects of my business helps me to ensure my clients receive the best experience possible.

 I love my work as a Massage Therapist. I strive to help people feel their very best by creating a massage that is uniquely designed for them. Talking with my clients about their daily activities and how they use their bodies gives me a deeper understanding of their individual needs. Sometimes, my clients just need an hour to disconnect from the world and reconnect with themselves. Other times, they have discomfort that needs to be addressed. It is my experience that, usually, it is a bit of both. How are you feeling right now? Do you have pain or tension that you have carried with you for years? Do you feel the stress of life in your shoulders or low back? Are you ready for 60 or 90 minutes that is just about you? Make your appointment today. I would love to add you to my list of happy clients!​

Path to Peace Massage-

Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic  Massage in Tucson

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