​​It’s time to relax. It’s time to breathe deeply and let the demands of life slip away…


Scheduling a massage is like scheduling a personal vacation that gives you time to reconnect with yourself. Life can be demanding. We can feel out of balance in our minds and in our bodies. Whether you are seeking a relaxation treatment to slow down and feel pampered or a therapeutic treatment to help with stress reduction and chronic muscle tension, 

Path to Peace Massage in Tucson is here to help.

Passion for the art of massage and a deep desire to help my clients feel their very best inspires me each day as a Massage Therapist. By listening to and connecting with each of my clients, I customize every treatment to meet their unique needs.  This process does take time, but that time is never deducted from the length of the massage.

Make yourself a priority and schedule your appointment today. I look forward to working with you!


  •  Therapeutic Massage in Tucson

  • Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage in Tucson 

​​​​​​Path to Peace Massage in Tucson

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